Get Rid Of Ants Without Using Toxic Poisons

Most of us despise ants in our homes. But how does one get rid of ants without using toxic poisons? You don’t need a medical study or a formal education to know that conventional ant spray is highly toxic and harmful to your health. Just read the label. Ant infestations […] Read more »


Many common brands of toothpaste contain known carcinogens like propylene glycol, sodium saccharin, titanium dioxide, and hydrated silica. The problem with toothpaste can be summed up in one, simple, iconic image: a bluish-white glob, dried stuck to your pearly white bathroom sink. If you let commercial toothpaste sit and dry […] Read more »

Wearing Man-Made Perfumes – So Passé!

It seems as though fewer people these days are wearing man-made perfumes (or colognes).  And this may be a good thing, especially to those who have allergies or chemical sensitivities. For hundreds of years people have been wearing man-made perfumes without questioning the safety or consequences of doing so. Yet, […] Read more »

Avoid Ingesting Harmful Chemicals From To-Go Containers

Do you know there is a way to avoid ingesting harmful chemicals from to-go containers? Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to use Styrofoam to-go containers when ordering take-out food? Most restaurants choose Styrofoam because it is the least expensive option—an understandable concern. However, excellent and inexpensive alternatives […] Read more »