Makeup Toxins

By Alexandra Lily Swanston June 3, 2021 2 Comments
A photo of a gal putting makeup on.

There is no law in the US that requires the Food and Drug Administration to approve cosmetics. This means that other than color additives, cosmetics can contain a number of dangerous chemicals with no regulation. When a person uses cosmetics, their skin absorbs chemicals, which can then enter the bloodstream. People might also inhale powders or ingest some cosmetics (using lip products etc.) Here is a list of the top chemicals you need to avoid in makeup. Talc can be found in blushes, eye shadows and bronzers. It poses a health risk ... Read More

Pet Toxins

By Alexandra Lily Swanston June 17, 2021 3 Comments
A photo of a cat reaching its paw out.

Do you know exactly what’s in your pets beds? On average, dogs and cats sleep 12-18 hours per day, it’s important to properly research the materials used to make dog and cat beds. In pet beds, there are a number of harmful chemicals that can be present such as flame retardants, hormone disrupting substances, VOCs, pesticide residues and more. Not only are they cheaply made but most fiber, foam and synthetic pet beds are produced with toxic chemicals like arsenic, formaldehyde, lead and mercury. Due to the significant... Read More