Angela Robinson–Platz: Has a burning desire to learn something new everyday. She writes this blog because she loves to share information with others, especially as it relates to longevity and living in good health. She is a strong believer that taking simple, everyday steps like these may help alleviate allergies, prevent cancer and more. In this she freely shares her ideas and experiences with the hope that they will help other people. Angela is passionate about slowing down, getting back to the basics and, whenever possible, avoiding toxins! She sends you love.

Alexandra Lily Swanston: Also known as “Lexi,” was born into a large, family. She was raised around cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmas and extended family. After graduating from Salinas High School, she studied Forensic Psychology at Monterey Peninsula College and Film Arts at Cuesta College. During that time, she started working in the hospitality industry and later as a Marketing Assistant for AR & Company.

Throughout the years, she worked various jobs and dabbled in the field of art painting with acrylics; following in her Grandma Coco’s footsteps. Her creative flare continued when she was hired a second time to be a Creative Writer for AR & Company. Here she has flourished, researching and writing articles about health and wellness for the AR & Company blog: WhosDrivingThisHorse.com. In her spare time Lexi is writing a memoir about her recent life experiences and studying to become a rehabilitation counselor.